Teacher profile

Karen’s Certificates:
Qualifications with ITDA and BBO in Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Certificate in Movement to Music.

Fully DSB Checked, plus, Certificate in child protection and safeguarding against children in education and first aid and defib trained.

Karen Bond

I have been dancing since I was three (distant memory) and regularly put on performances in the living room making a grand entrance from behind the curtains!!!! I was a strange little child!

I trained at Thomson School of Dance in Rotherham, and graded in through IDTA and BBO in ballet, tap and modern.

Amateur dramatics and performing were a large part of my childhood and my mums’ pantomimes were legendary!! We were all involved (poor dad!!). Having moved around a lot as a child my love for dancing and performing was something that travelled with me but it wasn’t until my late teens that I realised just how much I loved it (and I actually wasn’t bad at it either!).

In 1996 I answered an advert in the Sheffield Star for dancers for Sheffield Eagles pre-match entertainment. When I arrived at Don Valley Stadium I was overwhelmed by the amount of people there and just thought I’d do my best. Needless to say I got into the troupe and had an absolutely fantastic time. The two people running the E Girls were Nikki and Louise. Over the next year I attended and performed at places I could have only previously dreamed of (I have Nikki’s inability to say NO to thank for that!!). As a team we were fantastic, we worked really hard but it definitely paid off!! After the lack of funding forced the E Girls to disperse, Nikki asked me if I wanted to come to Branching Out and attend the classes. I loved it. And still do. Nikki encouraged my progression into teaching and choreography.

Over ten years ago, I started a ladies class on Tuesday evenings in Oughtibridge, I adore teaching this class and count the ladies that attend as some of my dearest friends.

I have taught different groups of people all over the city from Brownies and Rainbows, to Junior and Pre-schools.

I love teaching, and the pride of watching both the children and adults grow with confidence and character and knowing that it’s something I have contributed in, makes the early Saturday mornings so worth while!